Pat Dunwoody

initiatives. Her career was built on operational excellence & situational leadership while mentoring others around her.

She has spent over 35 years leading and helping organizations and industry-level committees to improve their efficiencies and customer service. Currently, she is the Executive Director of the Canadian ETF Association and is a Co-Founder of Strategicly, a bespoke consultancy providing businesses with the tools and resources needed for growth.

Pat collaborates with organizations across Canada to assist them by coaching emerging leaders, and their teams through development programs that increase awareness, productivity and engagement, to further their organizational goals. She believes that every individual and every team can succeed if given the right support.

She is also very involved in her community spending seven years as the Board Chair of Community Living Dufferin and is currently a Board member of Prosper Canada and QCC.

She lives in East Garafraxa (just west of Orangeville, Ontario) with her husband and dog, Otis. (And she is a grandmother to two beautiful twin boys.)


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