Sabina Michael

Sabina is an educator, facilitator and coach specializing in intercultural and inclusive communication. She helps learners develop a global mindset in which they consider their decisions, communication, and leadership style through the lens of equity and inclusion and build culturally inclusive teams.

As the Associate Director of the Intercultural Skills Lab, Rotman School of Management, she has designed programs that are grounded in research and experiential with practical applications. Since 2009, our bridging programs have equipped internationally educated professionals with the tools, insights, and real-world experience to advance into new work environments. The participants graduate with the knowledge and capacity to enhance their economic integration through professional paths and salaries that are aligned with their international experience.

Sabina builds culturally inclusive teams and finds innovative solutions for organizations to create top-performing teams that are culturally, cognitively, and interculturally diverse. Her dream is to foster a world where we embrace the discomfort in diverse thinking, refrain from labeling others, and make inclusion and belonging a way of life rather than mere buzzwords.


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